The purpose of this form is for you to be able to read before you make a decision to purchase one of our puppies. We will have a copy of this for you to sign when you pick up your puppy

Date of Sale_________________________

Here at Busy B Doxies we are very committed to breeding and raising quality pet dachshunds. All of our Adults are AKC registered. and owned by us. Our puppies are sold as pets, without AKC registration.




City _____________________________State__________________ Zip Code ____________

Home phone# (______)__________________Other phone# (______)____________________


Date of Birth _____________________________________________

Puppy Color________________________________________________________________

Coat Type ____________________________Sex of puppy____________________________

Pet Purchase Price $_____________Amount of Deposit (if required) $_____________________

Balance Due $___________________________

BUSY B Doxies offers many things to our customers, We try to set our goals and expectations higher than yours, so that you will not be disappointed in your decision to purchase a puppy from us, we try very hard to give you the customer the same things that we would want if we were the customer. We offer well socialized, healthy, happy, puppies, that have been raised in a clean comfortable home. Our puppies have been handled, loved and spoiled from day one of their little lives. They are birthed and raised in our home with us always there, right by moms side. We make sure that they are provided with the best of medical care and provided with anything they may need as a baby. We worm them and give them their vaccinations on schedule just as soon as they are old enough. We are very fussy about this, it is very important. We feed mom and the puppies (as soon as they are old enough to eat) a high quality puppy food, and we provide you with a sample of this food, to get your puppy through a few day. When you pick up your puppy you will receive many items to go home with your puppy, usually a blanket, a couple toys, a food sample, your puppies vaccination record,and a complete packet of other paper work with helpful information and suggestions to help get you through the first few days.

What Busy B Doxies expects from you. As the new puppy owner I agree to the above terms of sell, and understand the Health Guarantee also. I do understand that the sale is final and there are no refunds. I agree to provide this puppy with a high quality food, plenty of fresh, clean, water, and a good quality, loving home. I agree to be responsible for and provide him with all needed medical care. I agree to keep him safe and provide a comfortable, warm, and dry space for him. I understand that he is still a baby and requires a lot of patience and understanding, there will be potty accidents and he will chew. I am purchasing this puppy as a pet and not as a breeder or show quality dog. Here at Busy B Doxies we are very dedicated to our Doxies and we want to be certain that this is the same for you as a new puppy owner. We start the puppy off to a very good start in life and want to be sure that the quality of this puppy's life will always be good. We do not want any of our precious pups to ever end up in a bad home, or a shelter. They are so devoted to us, as their families and they deserve the same in return from us.


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