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Please keep in mind, that your puppy is still a baby, and most of all. more than anything that you can buy, your puppy needs lots of love and attention, and occasionally a good bit of patience. They are still babies and have a lot to learn in a short period of time, but Doxies are very smart and they learn quickly.

Below are a few essentials for a happy healthy, environment for your puppy,

PUPPY FOOD-First they need a good high quality PUPPY food, not adult dog food, they need the Puppy food for at least 6 to 9 months of age, to assure a healthy, strong, good start in life.

Plenty of fresh cool water, puppies drink a lot, they play hard and get thirsty often.

Food and water dishes, we like the stainless steel no spill type or the heavy crock style bowls

A safe sturdy pet carrier or wire crate, appropriate for your puppies size, this is a very important, and helpful tool. A puppy needs a safe place to call his own, where he can rest and be safe while you are busy or away from him at times. Puppies chew and play a lot, this can get them in trouble and can be very dangerous too, be careful of electrical cords, and poisonous house plants, these are very deadly to puppies. A puppy likes to have a safe place to call home, just like you like your private bedroom, where he can rest and go when he needs his own space, leave the door open while he is out with you and he will go back inside the pen often, to nap or just rest. The crate is probably the best potty training tool that there is, please try to crate train your puppy while he is young and you will never regret, the little bit of time and effort it takes.

Collar- very small size-- Adjustable's last a little longer because you can resize them as your puppy grows

Leash- retractable's are nice and handy --for walks in the park, and around the neighborhood sidewalks

Bed- soft sided and flexible are nice for long little doggies, ones you can take the covers off of and wash.

Toys-a few safe,age appropriate toys,- mini tennis balls , plush small stuffed animals, chew toys, many people baby toys make great safe puppy toys also.

Stain Remover & Odor Neutralizer- Spray for cleaning up after puppy accidents. (we like natures miracle)

Bitter Apple spray- stops puppy from chewing on unwanted areas.

Small spray bottle (filled with water) - spray puppy with straight jet stream -for discipline purposes.

Nylabone Puppy Chew bone- All puppies chew, so give them something they can chew on safely and happily.

PUPPY WANT LIST Helpful items -these are not necessities but might be helpful

blankets-are very nice comfort items for your puppy, he will certainly thank you for these.

Doxies like warm places to curl up and snuggle into.

baby shampoo- mild baby shampoo for quick baths (wont burn their eyes)

baby wet wipes- for cleaning puppies skin and to clean up accidents

toe nail clippers- regular people toenail size clippers are great for puppy toenails

puppy perfume- for a fresh clean smell after a quick wet wipe sponge bath

kitchen size towel -(for drying puppy feet on wet mornings)

Snacks- Small cubes of cheese, raw carrot sticks, frozen peas, yogurt, and cottage cheese,

These are few things we are not fond of for small puppies -- NO NO's

NO rawhide chews- puppies have very sharp teeth and can chew off pieces of these and choke on them

NO puppy snack treats- they have no nutrition and a small puppy needs to eat nutritional treats not junk

NO Milk - gives puppies an upset tummy, homogenized milk is very hard for puppies to digest.


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