BUSY B DOXIE HEALTH GUARANTEE  This form explains our PUPPY HEALTH GUARANTEE to you, We think that providing you with a happy healthy puppy is very important .

We are very dedicated to the health of our puppies even before they are born, by providing mom with all of the extras possible to nurture the development of her precious cargo. We are there with mom every moment as she brings new life into our home and our lives. Our Miniature Dachshunds puppies are loved, pampered and spoiled right from the start, we celebrate the birth of our puppies like a holiday around here. We will always be in awe of the miracle of life, how precious every tiny baby is.
Our devotion is carried out from day one of the puppies life, till the day we hand over these precious gifts from above, to you. We do everything that we know of, to ensure good health, and happy well developed social bonds. Every detail is important to us. We provide them with the best medical care available. We have an awesome Veterinarian available around the clock, and each pup is given love, love and more love, every day. So we are proud to offer you this puppy health guarantee.



Date of Sale ____________________________________

All puppies are current on their vaccines, appropriate for their age, up to the date of their purchase, that are recommended by our veterinarian, and they have been wormed prior to being purchased
That the puppy is healthy, as far as we can tell at the time of sale. And that the puppy left our facility free of any life threatening canine diseases or disorders.

The buyer  has the right to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within  72 hours of purchase.   If you do not have the puppy examined during this time allowance, the puppy is assumed to be in good health and no further guarantee can be offered after this time frame as toward any canine diseases or disorders. Puppies are young babies and are some what fragile, sometimes the change of environment can cause stress to a puppy and you must be responsible and provide care for the puppy as needed. It is your responsibility as the new pet owner to provide for and take care of the puppy once it leaves us. We can not be responsible for neglect. We can not be responsible for veterinarian cost once the puppy leaves our hands, these expenses are accepted by you as the new pet owner.
If during the 72 hours after you take possession of the puppy it is determined by a licensed veterinarian to have a life threatening canine disease or disorder, We as the seller agree to exchange the puppy for another puppy of equal value, if the puppy is returned to us at the expense of the purchaser during the 72 hour time guarantee, with all papers and a written statement from the examining veterinarian. Stating the diagnosis of the life threatening canine disease or disorder  that was found, and the reason for the puppy being returned. We can not guarantee the puppy to be completely free from any congenital disorders, they are rare, but possible with any living being (people included) no animal or person is exactly perfect. These conditions are basically individual birth defects or conditions that are not controllable or predictable, but we feel that it is important to point out, that there is a slight possibility in any puppy, and you must be willing to accept the responsibility of this when you decide to purchase a puppy, and be willing to provide for this puppy as needed. Under no circumstances should a puppy be euthanized or all guarantees are void. We reserve the right to have the puppy re-examined by our veterinarian of choice, to determine the true extent of the complication. And to ensure that the puppy has a serious hereditary health condition that we were unaware of. Before any replacement is issued. We will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal value (in the event another puppy is not immediately available the next available puppy of equal value will be provided as soon as available).

Your puppy also comes with a limited one year from date of birth health guarantee, that assures the puppy to be free from  major life threatening hereditary health disorders. At the time of sale the puppy appeared to be in excellent health and was assumed not to have any serious hereditary life threatening health disorders. We as reputable breeders want to stand behind our puppy health guarantee, and offer you one year from date of birth, of warranty against major life threatening hereditary health conditions that may show up later in the pups first year of life. This one year time frame is only for major life threatening conditions that can be proven to be hereditary in this puppy by a licensed veterinarian. This is extremely rare at our facility.   If this should ever prove to be the case we will handle the case on a one to one basis with you, as our customer and try with every effort to satisfy your happiness.
It is understood, that this dog is not guaranteed to be show or breeding quality, but is a full blooded Dachshund puppy.
There are NO REFUNDS and Busy B Doxies will not accept a return for exchange of another puppy except for the above written guarantee. It is understood and agreed that the seller gives no further warranty and accepts no responsibly with respect to sold puppy, except as set forth in this written contract. All puppy sales are final. Busy B Doxies will not refund your money or buy back any puppy once it has been purchased, for any other reason. So please give this purchase a lot of thought before you decide to purchase one of our puppies.

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